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DIY stone necklaces

Last summer my family took a trip up north to Glen Arbor where I was told about the Leland Blue, this blue stone that people had been swooning over! So naturally, we began the hunt to find this famous blue stone... next thing you know I had a pile of stones (including Petoskeys) that I thought were the coolest little things. I still don't know if any of these are thee Leland Blue, but I love what I found! I didn't want these beautiful stones to go to waste, so I thought of a DIY that's cute and useful!t It's so easy you can do it yourself too!

What you'll need:

1. As many cute stones as you can get your hands on!

2. 22 gauge wire

3. necklace chain (I grabbed a whole roll of chain)

4. super glue

5. pliers


5. jump rings

6. lobster clasps

7. metal bead caps

8. any extra little pieces you want to add to your necklace

(I went to Joann's for my materials)

Step one:

Grab a stone - using the pliers, wrap the wire around the stone the way you want it to look. Make sure you shape the wire into a little hoop at the top, as you will need this to hook onto the chain!

Step two:

Super glue! I used super glue to secure the wire to the back of the rock to ensure that the rock won't slide out. This step may be optional if you feel your stone is pretty secure with the wire alone, but I'm a perfectionist and worry about things like that! (It will dry clear, therefore, it won't be noticeable)

Step three:

Grab your necklace chain and slide it through the loop you made in step one to hang the stone on. Then, secure the ends of the chain with a jump ring and lobster clasp.

Wah-lah! Super easy and you can make it just how you want it to look!

There are so many different ways you can make these - it's too much fun not to!

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