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Taking it back to Montana

Taking it back to Montana on todays blog post!

Hands down, this was one of my favorite trips yet (besides the Caribbean of course)!

I had never been out West before, so my cousin's wedding out in Montana was the perfect excuse to go. My cousin's family decided to take an RV out and stop at as many "must sees" as possible along the way... Mount Rushmore, The Badlands, Yellowstone, etc.

So... 9 of us hopped in the RV and left Grand Rapids to begin this BIG road trip (1330 miles to be exact). Okay... maybe it's not as much as going to the big dog -California - but hey, this was my first road trip out West!

There are sooooo many cool things I wish I could share, but I'm thinking you probably don't have time to scroll through 500 pictures, am I right? So here are some of my favorites!

Our glorious home for the next week - hope you don't get claustrophobic

Beautiful sunrise in the Badlands - God was having some fun with light & shadows!

A wild fire in the wild west (the tourist's dream)




So Yellowstone is pretty magical... If Leprechauns and pots of gold were real, I feel like this is where you would find them - wow.

Riding in the back of my cousin's old, red ford pick up to go hike in the Montana mountains is about as authentic as it gets! Although don't let this picture fool you... it was the bumpiest, dustiest ride I have ever been on (super fun!) Btw, Naomi is killin' it in this red flannel.

insert *heart eyes*

SO worth the 7 mile hike and peeing in the woods!

Sound of music?

Feels so unreal.

Going through all my pictures again makes me so nostalgic! I'm feelin' the need to go out West again; California/ Utah would be the dream *heart eyes*

Of course I ended up flying back with my parents... after all that, a few hours of flying WAY trumped the 24 hour (straight) drive home... sorry cousins... although I'm sure they enjoyed the extra sleep room! Hehe

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