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Sharp Top Mountain

About a week ago, I had the opportunity to fly out to Virginia to see my boyfriend in Lynchburg. As we were thinking of fun things we could do, one thing that I wanted to do most was go hiking! Being from Michigan and not having the privilege of seeing the mountains or being able to going hiking whenever made this a must.

I knew the mountains were pretty, and I had been on one other hike in the mountains... but I did not expect such a beautiful hike and view at the top - especially because Lynchburg is a big city, so I didn't know if I would get to see an all natural view.

It's said that there is a hike where a bomber plane crashed from WWII, and you could find it down an off-trail if you searched for it - so fun! Knowing this and that it was less than an hour away, we decided to do it!

So, not knowing what to expect, we set off for Sharp Top Mountain! We could see the mountain in the distance - like its name infers, the mountain comes to a point. Seeing this ginormous sight, I started to grow nervous of what lied ahead. However, as we got closer and drove further around the mountain, my nerves began to ease as my excitement to reach the top grew.

The hike up was no piece of cake so to say. There was only one direction - up. Being surrounded by nature and a pretty view made it a little easier (as well as the motivational music my boyfriend decided to bring along lol).

After a little while we came to these stairs... a fellow hiker called them the stairway to heaven. Seems fitting! They were steep and rocky, but once we reached the top it was breathtaking! Nothing but mountains all around us with a 360 degree view. I could have sat up there for hours!

As it was getting late, some people decided to head back down. Even though we hadn't found the plane yet, and even though we had an idea to where it was, we unfortunately had to get back down to get back to the group. On the way down, the prettiest sunset began to form; it was filled with purple and yellow hues, and the sun glistened through the trees.

It was something I will never forget, something that just gives you an overwhelming peace and a taste of the majesty of our Creator.

Someday I hope to go back to find the bomber... I would also stay for sunset at the top because to be able to capture and experience that would be incredible!

Until then, I hope you enjoy these pictures of that breathtaking view, even though a picture doesn't quite measure up to the actual experience.

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